Top tips for Moving in or Moving out of a rented property

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of things to consider. It is regarded as one of life’s most difficult experiences.

Planning a head of time and being informed of the processes and procedures required at your new and  old residences will significantly affect how the day unfolds.

Following a few simple steps from the ultimate moving house checklist will help you get started in your new home on the right foot.

5 Different Steps While Moving to a New Place

The First Step Is To Prepare

To begin, a little planning goes a long way! A short moving checklist will help the process go more smoothly and efficiently. To avoid any additional stress on moving day, you should have all of your belongings bagged and wrapped as needed.

Whether using a moving company, friends, or relatives or going alone, labeling your boxes can help determine which ones contain fragile goods. Moreover, to place crucial documents, which room to move them to, and, in the long run, will make it easier to unpack.

Processes for Lift-Equipped Buildings

Assume you are using a building lift to enter or exit your home. In that instance, you must notify your real estate agent/property management and the Owners Corporation/Owners Corporations Manager (OC) at least 14 days ahead of time (the more notice you can give, the better).

Other advantages of notifying management of your relocation include:

  • You might be able to make a lift reservation on your move-in day.
  • They may assign you autonomous use of a single lift if possible.
  • They may provide you with a master key that allows you access to elevators during specific hours, allowing you to move your items without the doors getting in the way.
  • They may be able to reschedule any scheduled building maintenance that would otherwise conflict with your move-in/out.
    They may utilize your notice to tell other residents about your move, which may help avoid any harmful interactions with renters who are ignorant of or inconvenienced by your transfer.

To ensure easy access, you can also be informed of any height restrictions or parking allocations for moving vans.

Common Sense – Common Property

Living in a strata-titled property is unlike living in other real estate types. There are by-laws and restrictions governing what you can and cannot do and familiar places you share with others and must maintain. With this in mind, some other crucial factors to consider on your moving day are:

  • Your new neighbors, avoid creating enemies on the first day by moving in at acceptable hours. We can promise you that if you’re generating a commotion in the common areas, your new neighbors will not like being awakened in the middle of the night.
  • Take care not to obstruct your neighbor’s access to roads, garages, or driveways.

Previous Residence

When bidding goodbye to your previous residence, you must honor your tenancy agreement and leave the property in the best possible condition or close to the situation before you dwell there.
This includes any damage (other than regular ‘wear and tear’) that may have happened. Do a thorough cleaning and ensure that no items other than those you brought with you are left behind.

Utility Companies

It would help if you informed all your utility companies about your move-out and move-in dates. Check with your real estate agent/property management and OC/OC manager. Because each state has unique rules, it’s critical to learn everything before contacting service providers. It will also depend on how and who pays for the service if it is separately metered.


It is crucial to hire the services of a team of experts that can help you with your move in or out of the home. These professionals will guarantee you peace of mind as they handle all aspects of the job, including finding the best removalists for relocation and organizing packing supplies.

Proper procedures and etiquette will help the moving process run smoothly, preventing a lot of headaches and issues. Working with a business like SBS Australia that gives professional expertise in the sector guarantees your move is properly planned and completed.


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