Landlord or Tenant? Who’s Responsible for Gutter Cleaning?

Gutters are an essential component of any structure, but they are frequently disregarded until too late!

When it rains and a significant amount of waterfalls on the roof, the gutter’s purpose is to collect and channel this water from the roof’s edge down the downpipes, ensuring the water travels away from the building.

If the gutters become stuck or loaded with junk, the repercussions can be severe, as many homeowners have discovered.

Problems You Will Face After Gutter Get Congested

 Water Intrusion

Water can overflow from clogged gutters and run into the eaves of your home, then back into the roof and ceiling. When gutters overflow frequently, they can cause erosion and ruin your garden beds below. Or it could soak along the inner or outside walls of your house, towards the foundations, causing structural damage over time.

Pests Place to Hide

Debris-filled gutters can also attract rats, snakes, and birds to nest and reside in them. Not to mention mosquitos, which can breed in any trapped, stagnant water.

A Risk of Fire

We don’t want twigs and leaves to collect in gutters since they make excellent kindling for any fire. Wind-borne embers or sparks can swiftly ignite these dry leaves and twigs, potentially engulfing your home in flames. By keeping gutters clear of leaf litter, you may eliminate this risk to your home and neighbors’ homes.

Damage to the Structure

The weight of water and debris in clogged gutters can cause structural damage. The extra weight can force the channel to buckle and break, creating a flood of water into the ground or perhaps onto the roof and, as a result, the ceiling of your home, causing all kinds of internal damage.

Health Issues

There are also the more recently discovered health hazards linked to mold in your house. Mould can develop due to stagnant water trapped in your gutters or a steady flow of water inside your walls when it escapes through blocked drains into your home.
We’re sure you’ll agree that not cleaning your gutters comes with a price!

Sign That Represents Your Gutter Need’s cleaning

1. You can’t recall the last time they were cleaned.
2. You’ve noticed pests or birds in the gutters.
3. When it rains, water cascades down the sides like a waterfall.
4. Guts are drooping.
5. Water stains or fascia boards on the side of your house
6. Your gutters have weeds or plants growing in them.
7. Leaf debris might be seen protruding from your gutters.

How To Maintain It?

The good news is that cleaning your gutters does not have to be expensive. Gutter cleaning tools for various channels and properties are reasonably priced. As well as preventive steps you might take to avoid these well-known sorts of damage.

Maintenance Regularly

Ensure your gutters are cleaned regularly and that funds are set aside in your body corporate’s annual budget.

Gardening Upkeep

To prevent excessive buildup in the gutter, keep trees pruned back from gutter lines (You can do this within your garden area and ensure your Body Corporate carefully manages and maintains trees in common property).

Screens or Gutter Guards

Consider whether these options could be installed to prevent debris buildup in your gutters if they aren’t already.
If you live in an area where leaf litter is a significant problem, ask your Body Corporate to explore preventative steps for your building.


Technically, every homeowner is responsible for keeping their gutters free of debris. That said, it might be in your best interest to make sure that whoever is living underneath you (if anyone) knows that you are responsible for cleaning your gutters and should contact you if they notice a problem. This can help alleviate future problems by eliminating the possibility that they’ll blame you. Good luck!
If you are looking for a gutter cleaning company, then you can trust SBS Australia with this. We will ensure the job will be done fast and efficiently.
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Cities we operate: Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
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