Keeping Properties in Peak Shape: SBS Australia’s Comprehensive Facility Management Solutions

Properties and facilities require diligent maintenance and expert management to continue functioning smoothly, safely, and at optimal efficiency for occupants and visitors. From towering office blocks to expansive industrial warehouses, and everything in between, SBS Australia has over 25 years of experience providing tailored facility management and property maintenance solutions to commercial and governmental clients across Australia.

Addressing Maintenance Needs for All Building Types

SBS Australia’s facilities management divisions oversee various critical upkeep tasks on both hard and soft services. Some of our areas specialization include:

Hard Services

  • Plumbing

Even small issues like leaky taps or clogged drains can cause extensive water damage or health hazards if left unchecked. We offer preventative inspections as well as emergency plumbing repairs to tackle problems as soon as they emerge.

  • Electrical

Faulty wiring and malfunctioning connections can lead to power outages, fires, and electrocution risks. Our teams handle electrical testing, installations, upgrades, and prompt fixes. We also stay on top of changing regulations to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.

  • Mechanical

From heating and cooling systems to conveyor belts and industrial machinery, our mechanical services keep all equipment and moving parts running optimally. Preventative maintenance helps avoid breakdowns and workflow interruptions.

Soft Services

  • Cleaning

Our environmentally friendly cleaning transforms any space — from train stations to office towers — through litter removal, surface sanitization, floor care, and washroom maintenance. These helps control infection, improve air quality, and uphold a professional appearance.

  • Landscaping

Well-landscaped surroundings can boost occupant satisfaction and provide welcoming aesthetics for patrons. Our ground management includes tree care, weed control, planting, irrigation system upkeep and more.

  • Waste Management

By overseeing safe waste disposal processes, our teams help companies uphold environmental best practices and comply with guidelines around hazardous materials, e-waste, recycling, and landfill reduction.

Customised Building & Facilities Management

SBS tailors facility management plans that align with each asset’s size, usage and operational objectives. Here are two examples demonstrating our customised approach:

High-Rise Commercial Building Management

From city-centre towers to sprawling resorts, facility responsibilities intensify for larger, complex structures and those housing hundreds to thousands of occupants simultaneously. For assets like these, SBS oversees:

  • Central Plant Operations — We manage critical infrastructure like emergency generators, cooling towers and boilers providing essential electricity, water, and climate control.
  • Vertical Transportation — With personnel and goods moving continually between floors, properly functioning lifts and escalators are crucial. Strict servicing keeps transport running 24/7.
  • Essential Systems Management — Life safety systems like emergency lighting, alarms, sprinklers, and control panels require vigilant monitoring and maintenance.
  • Concierge Services — Front desk staff handle resident and guest queries, receive deliveries, coordinate tradespeople site access, and administer parcel storage.

Warehousing & Distribution Centers

Facilities keeping tight transport routes and inventory control contribute heavily to supply chain continuity. Our tailored solutions for massive distribution facilities include:

  • Logistics Infrastructure Upkeep — Conveyor networks, racks, sorters and scanning systems enable smooth product flows while protecting stock. Planned engineering maintenance minimizes physical workflow disruptions.
  • Specialized Equipment Maintenance — From heavy lifting apparatus to packaging machinery, our teams service assets supporting key warehouse processes like production lines.
  • Yard Management — We coordinate depot maintenance from ground cleaning to trailer movements, helping control risks like damaged containers or forklift collisions during loading/unloading.

Integrating Sustainability Best Practices

SBS helps large portfolio owners embed positive environmental practices across all sites through consolidated reporting and behavior change initiatives engaging staff and contractors. Examples include:

  • Energy Management

Monitoring usage while optimizing heating/cooling reduces energy waste. Our teams also oversee lighting upgrades and integrate renewable solutions.

  • Water Conservation & Efficiency

Installing sensors, low-flow fittings and rainwater capture systems decreases potable water wastage. We help curate and analyze data to pinpoint savings opportunities.

  • Waste Reduction

Centralized reporting and setting waste diversion targets encourages recycling and responsible disposal while lowering collection volumes/costs. Education helps prevent landfill contamination.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Experts track changing laws to ensure facilities continually meet all construction, environmental and safety regulations. This reduces disruption or penalty risks.

Responding Rapidly When Disaster Strikes

While preventative maintenance aims to avoid issues, unforeseen building damage from burst pipes, fires, storms, or other incidents still occurs. Having an emergency response plan prevents small disruptions becoming major disasters. SBS Australia offers extensive crisis rehabilitation services.

Our National Head Office coordinates a vast Licensed and insured contractor network spanning metropolitan and country areas. This enables swift, large-scale mobilization minimizing business impact post-incident.

When disaster hits, SBS emergency teams immediately travel onsite fully equipped with drying equipment, temporary fencing, generators, and excavation tools. After securing the area, we:

  • Liaise Between Insurers & Property Managers: Experts catalogue damage through photos/video evidence streamlining claims processes and securing funds for restoration works. We also provide detailed scope of works reports prioritizing actions aligning with insurance policies.
  • Manage and Execute Repairs: Working 24/7 we make the site operational and tenantable again as rapidly as possible. Services include cleaning, removing debris, conducting hazardous materials testing, restoring utilities, repairing roofs/walls, and rebuilding damaged structures.
  • Provide Temporary Solutions: If repairs require long lead times, we establish reliable interim solutions so tenants can resume business. Examples include hiring portable buildings or generators enabling continuation of vital activities.

Having an end-to-end crisis management service means assets can recover fully from incidents minimizing downtime. Whether a tree crushes an office roof or production halts from a burst steam pipe, SBS Australia navigates all details seamlessly from emergency response through to rehabilitation works completion. Expert assistance restores building functionality rapidly during the upheaval of unexpected property damage.

Community Engagement

We help managers measure and communicate sustainability initiatives’ social impact. This allows relevant participation in voluntary standards supporting broader UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By partnering with SBS Australia for property maintenance and facility management services, asset owners and managers gain invaluable technical skills and resources to not only uphold building functionality and safe conditions but elevate environmental and social responsibility. Our extensive experience translating corporate ideals into positive outcomes across varied property portfolios demonstrates how expert facility management is essential for long-term viability.


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