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While energy and water prices continue to rise throughout Australia, unexplained increase in water usage could significantly impact on the costs of your facilities or residential property. By identifying and fixing leaks promptly, you can save water and a lot of money on your water bills. 

Signs of water leaks

You might think that your plumbing system is all in order but there are signs to look for that indicate that there may be leaks in your property or building. The most common areas to look for are: 

  • Roofs and gutters,
  • Pipes and drains,
  • Mould, damp patches, stains on ceilings and walls,
  • Plumbing fixtures: dripping taps, leaking washing machines, dishwasher connections, toilets,
  • Irrigation systems, 
  • Pools,
  • Driveways: damp and unstable brick paving, sinking driveways, garden areas that may be moist or greener than expected.

We have decades worth of experience in working with Real Estates and Body Corporates. All our technicians are trained, qualified and have expertise in a large variety of projects.

How we can help you reduce your water bill

This is why regular preventative plumbing maintenance is important. At SBS, we have all the leak detection equipment and technology that can detect leaks you can’t see. We offer a comprehensive range of water-saving solutions and leak detection to all our customers across Melbourne. 

We can help you with: 

  • Assessing water use in your facility or building,
  • Water leak detection including the use of thermal imaging cameras, acoustic water leak detection for underground pipes. 
  • Water efficiency audits,
  • Plumbing fixtures audits, 
  • Repairs (waterproofing, pipe replacement and reinstatement).

Keep track of your water consumption with a water audit

Research reveals that for an average home, 14 per cent of residential water is wasted through leaky faucets. In rental properties, over 50% of the water is used in the shower. It pays to keep track of water consumption and improve water efficiency to reduce overall energy consumption.

We can help make your buildings, equipment, systems, and processes more water-efficient such as:

  • Replacement of taps, leaking toilets etc.
  • Installation of water-efficient showerheads, taps and dual-flush toilets
  • Exploring the use of treated greywater or rainwater for landscaped areas.

All our plumbing, drainage products and materials are WaterMark certified, which means that the products are safe, fit for purpose and suitable for use. 

Call us for a consultation

For any Body Corporate or building manager, tracking and quantifying water-loss and optimising water use has become a necessary exercise to lower water bills. For more information or to book a leak detection job, please contact us today on (03) ‭‭‭9854 6289.


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