Caretaking For Owners Corporation Buildings in Melbourne

Caretaking For Owners Corporation Buildings in Melbourne


There are a lot of time-consuming duties that property owners and managers must deal with. It is in their best interests to have someone else take care of their property, but they may not have the time or expertise to do so themselves. As a result, the caretaker is commonly hired by owners and property managers to take care of the day-to-day caretaking and maintenance tasks. And to keep the property in good shape, caretakers are employed by the owners’ corporation.

Many potential jobs that owners’ corporation caretakers can undertake include cleaning and gardening, building upkeep, inspecting the property for concerns, conducting or arranging desired repairs, and keeping the owner or manager informed. Here are a few pointers for facility owners and managers to keep their properties in good condition and maximize caretaker productivity.


Pointers for preserving the value of a property or business.


  • Assess the quality of the people that care for your property regularly.

  • Ensure that your structure is properly maintained through frequent inspections

  • Maintenance of problems on a scheduled basis before they become costly to repair

  • Please take advantage of a trustworthy caretaker team to keep the property looking its best at all times.


Pointers for Managers of Owners Corporations


  • Ask your caretakers to conduct frequent inspections to spot potential problems.

  • Allow your caretaker to organize quotations so that you can free up some of your own time.

  • Allow the caretaker to supervise the repair of defects so that you can concentrate on the day-to-day operations of the Owners Corporation.

  • Attend annual general meetings with the caretaker to discuss and help resolve problems.


Pointers for property owners


  • Make use of the services of an on-call caretaker crew that is always available and eager to fix any concerns that may arise.

  • Don’t allow your property to lose value over time by not challenging the caretaker’s qualifications.

  • Only enlist the help of those who are empathetic to your situation and who genuinely care about you.

  • Discuss the owners’ and the property’s requirements regularly with the nanny.



Dependable Caretaker For Owners Corporation Buildings in Melbourne.


With over 20 years of experience in Facilities Management and Property Maintenance and Repair, SBS Australia is committed to providing exceptional customer service and value for money.

Regardless of the size of your Melbourne property repair or maintenance project, we start by talking to you about your needs and learning precisely what is vital to you before we begin. This is important so that we can allocate the appropriate number of resources to meet your needs.

Your local government facilities will benefit from our solution, which creates productive and efficient workspaces. As a result, your building’s users will enjoy a better quality of life, while your primary business will benefit from increased productivity.

As a result of our responsive and planned commercial property maintenance, you can concentrate on providing essential public services with the assurance that all property and facility maintenance is being taken care of.


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