Roles and Responsibilities of Property and Facilities Maintenance Services

Types of Property Maintenance

There are many people who often confuse property maintenance with property management when the truth is that these are two completely different things. SBS Australia Property maintenance services are a type of service that people hire when they don’t have time to maintain their properties professionally.

Busy commercial property owners and landlords can take advantage of workable property maintenance solutions that can help preserve their property’s condition, especially if it receives heavy foot traffic daily.

Roles and Responsibilities of Property and Facilities Maintenance Services

Property maintenance must be an integral aspect of the overall protection and upkeep of large and small facilities alike. These service prodders can replace equipment, replenish the necessary supplies, and fix any damages to ensure that the operations of the property continue to run efficiently.

One of the primary duties and probably the most time-consuming duties of property maintenance services is dealing with maintenance concerns. The majority of these involve repairs of broken or malfunctioned items.

Handymen, electricians, and plumbers are the tradespeople that are hired most of the time. Handymen deal with windows that refuse to open, doors that fall off or don’t close properly, and fans that stopped working all of a sudden. Electricians work on faulty switches, cooktop burners, power points, and light fittings that no longer work. Meanwhile, plumbers receive requests for overflowing toilet cisterns, lack of hot water, and leaky taps.

SBS Australia Property Maintenance Services and Its Four Primary Types

Every single day, there is always someone somewhere who got a problem that needs to be fixed right away. Investment property maintenance is usually considered only if something has gone wrong. However, it is actually an umbrella term covering four different types of maintenance that cover anything that must be done to a property and these are the following:

  1. Investment Maintenance

Investment maintenance refers to the planned replacement of items within the property that tend to depreciate in value. These can include hot water systems, ovens, blinds, insect screens, and carpets. These updates allow better control over maintenance costs and the overall standard of the property.

  1. Repairs

Repairs are carried out whenever something goes wrong. Good examples of these include a leaking roof, a broken oven, or a blocked pipe. A repair is the bare minimum requirement when it comes to making sure that a property stays in tiptop shape and condition.

  1. Seasonal Maintenance

This specific type of property maintenance service involves regularly doing essential repairs to a property to keep it in good running state. Seasonal maintenance can involve garden pruning, gutter cleaning, checking roof tiles, regular pest control, and painting to prevent deterioration and cracking.

  1. Capital Works

Capital works is the last but definitely not the least type of facilities maintenance service. It involves new elements introduced or added to the property. These can include the installation of an air conditioning unit, a sprinkler system, or a dishwasher. This form of expense often increases rental returns and property value.

With these four types of property maintenance services in Melbourne, landlords, and property owners can look forward to quality results and higher returns on investment in no time.


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