How we work together with commercial real estate and how we manage their properties

Investing in commercial real estate is a lucrative choice. However, the massive responsibility of maintaining and managing the properties falls on your shoulder. It is vital to keep your properties in tip-top condition should you rent or decide to sell them in the future.

While you could do the maintenance yourself and contact the experts for each work, it will be an exhausting endless process. For this reason, it is viable to contact professional property maintenance and facility management agencies like SBS Australia.

SBS Australia

Simply Better Services Australia is a pioneer in offering property maintenance services and has over 20 years of expertise. We provide the best-in-class facilities and services that keep your properties in good shape.

For all your property needs across Melbourne, get in touch with SBS Australia.

How we work together with commercial real estates

In the world of commercial real estate, property maintenance is an overlooked yet necessary task. Doing it yourself will involve you running along different properties supervising multiple works. In addition, it will consume a lot of time, and soon looking after your properties might become your full-time job.

When you hire a property maintenance agency, they will ensure that your property remains in a functional condition. For instance, we have an integrated approach to property maintenance. Having been in the field for more than two decades, we know the intricacies and obstacles involved. So our maintenance will be top class. If there is any issue with your property, you can rest assured we will take immediate care of it.

Moreover, we have a project manager assigned for each contract. This saves you from reaching out to different workers and tradespeople for different needs. Our project managers work hand in hand with you and carry out tasks tailored to your specifications.

What’s more? We have built a solid network with licensed, experienced, and reliable tradespeople. So while we work together with commercial real estate, we take responsibility for all requirements and provide facilities maintenance services 24*7. So our real estate clients experience a seamless, hassle-free maintenance service.

Once we join hands, your property, big or small, occupied or unoccupied, will be under our complete care and responsibility.

Managing Properties

We provide a wide range of services under the umbrella of property maintenance service. We understand that your property needs complete maintenance. Whether your properties need a quick repair service or total maintenance in the long term, you could always contact us.

Our service ranges include facilities management and property maintenance for small to large-scale commercial outlets on all days of the year. SBS Australia offers all kinds of services, be it minor repairs like plumbing, electrical fixes, and cleaning services or high-quality maintenance like renovations, insurance services, upgrades, and regular maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Managing multiple tradespeople for your maintenance works is not just time-consuming but also exhausting. If you do not find the best person in the city, you will not get the desired results. So leave it to the experts. We coordinate all your needs and find you the best tradespeople across Melbourne.

We believe in fair pricing and rapid response. With an effective line of communication and end-to-end service, our services are superior and of high quality.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with SBS Australia today and enjoy best-in-class property maintenance!


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