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Property management is the method of attracting the appropriate tenants. A management firm gives you the tenants and this is probably the most important task that they do. So, keep in mind a few points that you will need to ask from the firms while giving them an ample amount of your money.

Seek the help from following questions to evaluate the property management firms:

Ask them about the vacancy rate of that time?

You need to know about the price of tenants of others so that it will become easy for you to invest in tenant marketing and retention.

If you will know the tenants of others there will be a broader choice for you to do that.

Ask them about their cost per lead if they know or not?

If they are able to answer this question while satisfying your needs then this means that you are with the right tenant and retention manager and the manager knows well all about the impacts that advertising and marketing have.

Ask them about the way that they use to respond to the tenant emails and the tenant calls?

This is one of the most important questions to ask the manager of tenant marketing and retention because customer satisfaction is necessary. The company needs to be polite while answering the tenant’s emails and calls  Those companies that prefer fewer sales will face hurdles in this aggressive behavior that will cost them long vacancy periods.

Ask them their policy about showing the unit that is already occupied?

Although it is often suggested that when the manager informs the current tenant about the occupied units then it becomes easier to avoid any external intervention or disturbance. and in this way, it will also be easy to show the ads for limiting the periods of vacancy.

Ask the managers about the times for showing up the units in the entire week?

You should book those managers who support the minimum visits and avoid the unnecessary showings of your property. In this way, they will bring only the serious ones.

Ask them about the measures that they take themselves for showing your property to others? Also, ask them about the presentation that they will bring both inside and outside of the house?

This question is important to ask because the decisions of the other party depending on the showings that the property management company will bring.

Ask them about the average time in which the vacancies are filled?

If the average time period is one month or longer than that for filling up the vacancies shows that there is no guarantee to go with them.

Ask them about the source where they advertise their listings for rent?

This question is important to ask because if your ads will be exposed to the most visited sites that provide free ad posting then it will be to your benefits as more people will reach out to your property. These free websites might include Signs, Fliers, Print Classifieds, etc.

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