Why Is Facilities Maintenance So Important?

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Keeping your property in good shape is one of the most important things you can do for your business. SBS Australia’s property maintenance services ensure employees are kept safe and your building is always ready for business.

To explain the importance of keeping a building well maintained, we have compiled 4 reasons why you need a facilities management service.

1. Property Maintenance Saves Money

Routine maintenance is the most cost-effective way to save money on building repairs.

While a small crack, temperamental plug socket, or a few missing roof tiles may seem like issues for another day by putting off their repair, you are potentially costing yourself a lot more money.

By fixing problems early you avoid large expenses that come as a result of ignoring the small issues that later become big ones. A small leak in a ceiling, for example. While it may not be much to begin with, problems like this may eventually lead to an entire roof needing replacing, costing a lot more.

By using a facilities maintenance team, these building repairs are discovered and tackled early.

2. Maintenance Keeps Insurance Valid

Keeping your insurance valid is one of the most important reasons to use a facilities team like SBS Australia. An improperly maintained building can lead to a multitude of insurance problems.

When facing a catastrophe and you need to use your building insurance, it’s not uncommon to find a claim rejected on the basis of an improperly maintained property.

Assessors will often reject claims if they deem that the building wasn’t being maintained correctly or had significant structural issues, to begin with.

Because the insured risk is usually on a building that is sound, it’s absolutely vital to keep on top of building repairs and use a maintenance team.

3. People’s Wellbeing Relies on Maintenance

Perhaps the strongest reason why building maintenance is so important is that people’s health relies on it.

In Melbourne and the rest of Australia, it is the law for building-owners to maintain a safe environment for those who use the property. This includes things like routine air conditioning maintenance, checking electricals and gas points.

The easiest way to carry out these duties is to use a facilities management team. They will help keep on top of the issues that could be potential health risks to staff and visitors.

Even something like some leaky plumbing can put the health of people at risk by compromising the floor and ceiling or cause respiratory problems.

Resolving these issues early is paramount to the health of everyone who uses the building.

4. Upkeep is Good for Business Image

Lastly, buildings make an enormous impression on people. Having a visitor come to a dilapidated, run-down building is a sure-fire way to give a bad first impression and lose business.

By using a maintenance team to keep the property safe and presentable, you improve the outward appearance of your business to the rest of the world.

Well maintained grounds, clean windows, tidy interiors, and safe structures all help to keep staff morale high too. People want to be proud of where they work and by using a facilities team, this is possible.

Preventing problems is always better than trying to fix them. By using a facilities maintenance team to handle your property’s upkeep, you will save money and hassle, as well as reap the benefits of content staff and a better business image. Get in touch with SBS Australia to find how they can help you.


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