Who is Responsible for Rental Property Landscape Maintenance?

Who is Responsible for Rental Property Landscape Maintenance?

It’s critical to comprehend your responsibilities for lawn care on a rental home whether you’re an owner or a tenant. The tenant and landlord must discuss these clauses and make sure they are both in agreement before signing the contract. By addressing this now, difficult situations may be avoided later.

Who oversees maintaining the lawn at a rental property?

Lawn maintenance on the rented property is seldom legally deemed to be the tenant’s responsibility. In most places, the landlord is fully responsible for fulfilling this obligation. Landlords will be held accountable for overgrown lawns, including with fines, as they are the property owners.

Even though maintaining the lawn is the landowner or estate owner’s responsibility, they can transfer that duty to the tenants. The landlord may require a tenant who has exclusive use of the estate to maintain the lawn. In this case, the tenant will be explicitly assigned lawn care in the lease agreement.

The landlord cannot shift the burden of maintaining the lawn to just a single tenant if numerous tenants are using the outdoor space. In that case, the homeowner is still in charge of maintaining the lawn. Even if the homeowner employs landscapers, they will still be liable for the cost of the lawn maintenance.

Conditions in the lease agreement

The lease must expressly state when the owner wants to delegate lawn care to the tenant. Simply stating that the renter is responsible for grass maintenance is insufficient. What obligations are placed on the tenant should be specified in the lease. More detail is preferable to brevity.

The lease should specify, for instance, when the tenant is required to mow the lawn. Details about how to complete the task should be included if the landlord anticipates the tenant to spread fertilizer. The watering schedule for the lawn should also be specified in the lease. The lease should specify any landscaping duties that the renter is responsible for carrying out.

Before signing the lease, the tenant must be aware of these obligations. This is why reading the lease in its entirety before signing it is crucial. Tenants who don’t read the lease in its entirety may be shocked or overburdened by the obligations placed on them.

Think about using minimal drought-resistant landscaping

You can avoid this problem as the property owner by putting in drought-resistant landscaping. Depending on the climate where your property is located, this might entail something different. In essence, it entails putting in landscaping that won’t grow or wilt as the warmer weather approaches.

Additionally, the installation of drought-resistant plantings can reduce the need for regular lawn care. Stone beds, artificial grass, and other landscaping elements can be installed quickly and affordably. To learn more options, speak to a seasoned landscaper.

What should you do if the tenant fails to focus on landscaping?

When a tenant isn’t fulfilling this obligation, you will have several options based on the terms for lawn care specified in the lease. Find out why your tenant isn’t maintaining the lawn by first speaking with them. If specialist landscapers are available, they might prefer to pay a little bit more in rent in return for them.

You might need to use more severe measures if the tenant refuses to hire gardeners and continues to neglect their lawn maintenance duties. You could impose penalties if they were specified in the lease. This could entail fining the tenant or denying them access to the yard or patio.

If the tenant consistently or repeatedly neglects to maintain the lawn, you may have cause to evict them. Although it should only be used as a last option, this is a possibility for lease violations. The landlord will decide who is in charge of taking care of the lawn. This may continue if the homeowner already hires landscapers. In other cases, a tenant who has exclusive access to the property may be in charge of maintaining it.

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