Where your recycling goes? A little Insight to know about it.


Recycling is a lucrative industry that can boost jobs and economic growth while cutting pollution. However, the industry has been contaminated over time due to wrong items placed in the bins. These wrong items aren’t only risking workforce safety but also causing damage to sorting equipment, due to which recyclables usually end up in a landfill.

Fortunately, with the help of governments, major recycling companies are now taking steps in this regard to resume secure and beneficial recycling processes in the best possible way.

How does the recycling process work?

So, when you sort out your items and put the right ones into the recycle bins, the following steps happen then to complete the recycling process:


It is the very first step of the recycling process. In this step, a recycling truck will collect the items available in the recycling bins. The truck will then go to a sorting facility called MRF.


Recyclables will be put on a conveyer belt for sorting purposes. The items will be sorted into different categories such as cardboard, plastic, paper, aluminum, sheet, glass, steel, etc.

  • Sorting is usually a main step in the whole recycling process, and it takes a lot of effort and manpower to be completed effectively.

  • Before recycling items to hit an automated sorting machine, a team of pre-sorters will work to remove the items from the trash which aren’t recyclable. These unrecyclable objects are called contaminants, and these can cause problems for people working in this loop.

After that, the pre-sorted items will be placed on automatic sorting machines. Here powerful magnets are used to pick up steel items. At the same time, optical scanners are used to separate plastic and paper properly. In the end, all the items will get sorted into different categories.


After sorting is completed, separated materials will be transported to different processing facilities where these items will be processed further to be turned into new products.

For example, plastic items will be turned into flakes, washed, and then transported to the plastic factories to make new products. Almost the same things happen with every category. While in the end, these recycled items will be used to make new products.

Innovative products made from recycled items

Recycled products have been used everywhere, whether it’s the footpath you are walking on or the railway sleepers your train used to pass over daily. Recycled products are used everywhere to minimize waste and also to make the most out of already existing materials.

How can SBS Australia help you in this regard?

Fortunately, SBS Australia is one of the top companies to provide facility management and property maintenance services in Australia.

However, not only does SBS Australia provide top-tier facility management and property maintenance services to their clients. But also, the company helps their clients in putting the right items into the recycle bin to reduce recycling contamination in this regard.

This will ultimately help you to reduce environmental effects by keeping recyclables to end up in landfills.


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