Types of Property Maintenance Services

Types of Property Maintenance Services

Nowadays, everyone is in a hustle. You are a homeowner, landlord, or any commercial The property owner is busy with more business tours and doesn’t have time to look after that lavish property.

Don’t take the tress!

Because SBS Australia Property maintenance service is here, that will work as a caretaker for your million-dollar worth property. Yes, they will love to handle all your facility issues, from cleaning and lawn maintenance to snow removal and plumbing.

Types of property maintenance services

After some time, every property undergoes tear and wear. Facilities service Melbourne looks after your facility in regular and schedule intervals that will prevent you from big damages and breakdowns. So. Let’s know the basic five types of property maintenance services.

  1. Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance consists of tasks that have to be done regularly or in scheduled intervals like weeks and months. Probably the duties of routine maintenance include cleaning, vacuuming, garden maintenance, and the same others.

  1. Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best type as it saves your property from big damages and loss; also, it is money saving. Preventative maintenance is very effective in keeping your equipment running smoothly and increasing its efficiency.

Duties of preventative maintenance include inspecting the water heaters, changing an air filter, or analyzing the entire electrical system.

  1. Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance usually involves pointing out the flaunts and rectify them instantly. If preventive maintenance is going well, then many corrective maintenance issues are resolved even before escalating.

  1. Cosmetic maintenance

It is the most amazing and demanding maintenance in tenants and homeowners. It is most often performed to improve the look or change the whole scenario of the property. Make your home more appealing and attractive to the buyers and tenants with property maintenances services in Melbourne.

Cosmetic maintenance includes installing window treatments, new light fixtures, renovation of kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and bathroom, and also including fresh, smooth paint to enhance the elegance and royalty of your lavish apartments.

Usually, cosmetic maintenance is done during make-ready, and post renter’s move-out processes.

  1. Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance includes the issues that have to resolve as soon as possible. These emergency services are not provided; they can cause a big loss or often risk the renter’s health. Emergence maintenance is greatly provided by the facilities maintenance services Melbourne.

Let’s suppose a wall of the apartment is cracked, there would be a risk of serious bodily injury, so in such terrible conditions, repairs are considered emergency maintenance. In some emergency maintenance, a tenant has to move out during repair completion.

Bottom line

Lack of maintenance can lead to serious and huge damages that can affect your credit. Also, due to maintenance issues, sometimes tenants and buyers leave your property. So, save your lavish property. And contact the property maintenance services Melbourne as soon as possible to add value to your property.

Moreover, SBS Australia Property maintenance service is a well-known property maintenance services provider in Melbourne and has a team of experts and licensed workers.  They are ready to serve high-quality maintenance services at affordable prices.


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