Top 10 Facts about Mold and Prevention Measures

Mold and Prevention Measures

You would have come across patches of molds in the basement or bathroom because of the humidity in these areas. And you must have ignored such a small thing. But let us illuminate you that it is not that small because it grows in forty-eight hours from the initial mold and it is dangerous for your health. So, let us explain some facts about these molds along with the preventive measures that could save your real estate.

1) Molds are chronic for people with respiratory disorders and can also cause respiratory disorders in healthy people

Molds can cause various respiratory disorders like coughing, inflammation of lungs, asthma, sneezing, nasal congestion, and runny nose, etc. People already having any of these disorders will be more sensitive to molds.

2) Molds grow in moisture and require organic food for growth

Since molds decompose dead organic matters that are provided in a warm and humid environment so they grow in moisturized atmospheres.

3) Water leakage areas will become the areas for Mold production

The water pipes built inside walls may not be visible for any leakage but if you smell any unpleasant odor then it can be a sign of mold growth.

4) Areas with lesser ventilation become a hub for mold production

Bathrooms with lesser ventilation, damp basements, and leaking roofs are the places that are suitable for the growth of mold. Check solarking solar ventilation for homes & sheds.

5) Only 5 types of Molds are found in the home out of 10,000 species

Cladosporium, Stachybotrys chartarum, Alternaria, Penicillium, and Aspergillus are the five species of molds that are present indoor.

6) Growth of Molds is quick yet hidden

Molds at damp places will grow within a time span of 24 or 48 hours and you will not know until they grow to a considerable area because the areas of their growth are usually ignored.

7) House insurances do not include mold insurance

There is no insurance for mold infection in house insurances.

8) Molds are beneficial

Molds are considered beneficial as they decompose and recycle organic materials.

9) Molds are repaired for 73 Million AUD in Australia.

In Australia, mold growth in houses is repaired at a cost of around 73 Million AUD.

10) Molds are preventable:

House materials and new house-making practices make it easier for molds to grow but these molds can be prevented. You can also see some of these measures below:

Preventive Measures:

Following are the measures that can be taken to avoid molds in the house:

  1. Before painting add some mold inhabitants to it
  2. Keep good ventilation in bathrooms by opening the windows or turning on fans
  3. Control moisture and dampness especially in basements
  4. Keep checking for any pipe leakage by routine inspection tours
  5. Keep the property clean
  6. Treating and removing already present molds
  7. Repairing your property at regular intervals
  8. Invest in the HVAC system
  9. Keep the free flow of air
  10. Dry all things before keeping them

Do not worry about any of your health or real estate issues when it is infected by molds because we are here to deal with all your problems efficiently. We offer property maintenance and cleaning on a large as well as small scale like we can deal with the molds in your house along with getting rid of them in your organization or company. Have some trust in the experience of SBS for more than twenty years. What are you waiting for? If you are stuck with the problem of molds you already know how dangerous they are so book us at your earliest and save your property and human lives.

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