The main checklist for facilities maintenance inspection

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As a property owner, you should not ignore facilities maintenance. It is something that you will need to
often take a look at. When you properly take care of your facility, you will not have to face any back to
back complaints from the tenants. On the other hand, you can make sure that everything is functioning
properly, so that you don’t have to spend your money unnecessarily.

To make your life easy with facilities maintenance, we thought of sharing an inspection checklist. This
will help you to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything as you inspect your facility.

Exterior facilities maintenance

Storms, sunshine, as well as other weather conditions are just a few of the possible dangers that might
be present to a facility’s outside construction. It is crucial to include periodic inspections of vital
machinery and designated outside locations when creating a facility maintenance checklist. This
enhances security, protects the building as a whole, and facilitates access to building resources for both staff and guests.

– Roofing

The roof of your facility is highly vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it would be a good idea to staff off
exterior inspection with the roof. You need to check and see whether the shingles are in place. Then you should remove debris from the gutters. Make sure that you also look out for corrosion, damage, or
cracks that are visible on the roof. Likewise, you should also inspect drains and exterior vents, so that
you can confirm whether there are any blocks or damage in them.

– Garages or parking lots

Start off your inspection by checking the functionality of gates. Then you need to take a look at the light fixtures and see whether there are any lighting deficiencies. You need to inspect and clean the tire deflation devices as well. Safety and fire lanes need to be clean from debris. If you can see any potholes
or cracks in the pavements, you need to go ahead and get them repaired as well. Likewise, make sure
that the pedestrian walkways as well as safety signs are properly maintained. If there are any wheelchair accessible paths or handrails, you need to check and see whether they are functioning well as well.

– Doors and windows

You need to inspect the windows and sills. If they are not cleaned, you should do it. There is no need to
get a pressure washer to clean the windows. You may just do it with the help of a hose. If there are
damaged doors and windows, you will need to replace them. It is quite important to pay attention to
the locks. In case you see any faulty locks, you will need to fix them.

– Facility grounds and lawns


You need to take a look at the wedding and mowing practices. They should be in a position to take good
care of your lawn. Likewise, you will also need to test the sprinkler system as well. If there is a need to
add mulch, you should be doing it.

Interior facilities maintenance

Building interior design and upkeep might be complicated, but they should be well-organized and simple to understand. It might be useful to designate owners for certain construction components or
subsystems that need to be checked on a regular basis. These preventative maintenance checklists are
general suggestions that should be modified with feedback from your local specialists since every facility is different.

– Plumbing

You can start interior inspection by taking a look at plumbing. This is where you should check and see
whether there are any leaks. Couplings and piping should both be inspected to find leaks. Along with
that, you should also take a look at the water heater system as well. Make sure that you don’t forget to
inspect your sewage pumps. In case they leak, you will end up with some messy issues. If there are
damaged equipment in your bathroom, you need to get it replaced as well.

– Electrical system

Inspecting the electrical system can be quite risky. However, there are some basic inspections that you
can do. For example, you may take a look at the energy consumption patterns. Then you can see
whether there is a sudden increase of energy consumption in the house. If there is, you need to
understand that there could be a problem with your electrical system. While taking appropriate safety
measures, you should also inspect the wires and see whether there are any signs of corrosion or

– HVAC system

You may start inspecting the HVAC system by looking at blower motors. This is where you should see
whether there are any unwanted vibrations or noises. The air filters need to be replaced as per your
schedule. You should also inspect and clean the exhaust fans. Along with that, you should inspect and
clean ductwork as well. Make sure that you don’t forget to inspect compressed air lines. The loose
access panels need to be inspected and secured as well.

– Equipment

There are lots of equipment that you have indoors, and you will need to check and see whether they are
functioning properly or not. For example, you must check and see whether machinery that you have is
free of debris. If there are damaged or worn tools, you will need to replace them.

Final words


Planning for facility maintenance is a difficult task that requires the collaboration of numerous resources within a structure. Your ability to avoid safety risks and reduce equipment downtime may be
significantly improved by using bespoke checklists to specify periodic maintenance inspections. Using our professional checklist suggestions as a jumping off point for talks with your local team is one of the finest ways to enhance your local maintenance planning. The finest checklists will be comprehensive and include required actions for each essential facility component. Adhere to this checklist, and you will not have to deal with any major problems along with time.

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