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Give a brief overview of our company’s main business activities relevant to the membership with SCA:

Simply Better Services (SBS) is a company that provides property maintenance services. The company, founded in 1973, Simply Better Services, has diversified into other office facility services such as housekeeping, security, office and building maintenance, HR recruitment & outsourcing.

Simply Better Services (SBS) ensures that every property kept within our care is managed adequately. Simply Better Services (SBS) is in business to deliver excellent services to several organizations such as owners, corporations and strata management companies, commercial real estate, and more across Melbourne. We have been able to acquire all the relevant training, experience (with over 20 years + in the industry), and certifications in property management to enable us to perform excellently, and we have been performing well.

Simply Better Services (SBS) is committed to making every effort possible to achieve your timing commitments, budgetary restrictions, and other requirements. We offer quality services at competitive prices. We will also apply our innovative approach to problem-solving to assist you in meeting your corporate objectives without compromising your interests.


What is unique about our business and how does it demonstrate excellence?

With over 20 years of experience, we have established strong long-term relationships with all of our valued customers, built on integrity and mutual trust. We earned our reputation of delivering the highest standards of customer service via word-of-mouth and referrals.


Over the years, we have built a trusted relationship with a vast network of reliable merchants, licensed technicians, and commercial cleaners that we work with.

All maintenance and repairs work is carried out and coordinated by us, which removes the hassle of dealing with and coordinating every trade as we manage the entire project to provide clients with a seamless experience.

All our tradesmen are highly skilled, fully licensed, and capable of responding rapidly to our customers’ needs and requirements. We are bringing to the industry because we have designed our business so that we can comfortably work with both the highly placed clients and the lowly placed clients.

  • Project Management and Communication

Regardless of the size or location of the job, each project is assigned a Project Manager who is the single point of contact from project commencement through to completion. Our Project Managers ensure that the works are carried out to the client’s specifications, on time, and within budget by:

  • Managing and overseeing all the trades,
  • Liaising with the customer during each step of the project,
  • Performing site visits, inspections, and quality control.
  • Our team of project administrators and co-coordinators provides administrative support by working closely with our tradesmen and customers from quote submission to invoicing.


What were the strategies and plans you initiated to achieve your business growth expansion (in services, revenue, or the way you operate) over the previous 12 months?

  1. Networking is an effective way to build up our client base and have leverage on all our networks. Because of that, we have continuously found local real estate clubs and connected with them. We will also find local business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and connect with them.
  2. When it comes to service delivery

Our Methodology – Systems & Procedures

We choose the right professionals for your building maintenance & repairs who understand and adhere to safety. As a Facilities & Property Maintenance company, we have a clear legal and moral obligation to provide a safe physical environment for our staff and tradesmen and our customers, their residents, and visitors when working on a property.

All the works we carry out comply with all relevant statutory regulations and codes and meet our clients’ OH&S plans, policies and procedures. We provide daily status updates and periodic reports in the format agreed with each customer. The following documents are maintained for every job, whether big or small:


Job Service Reports

Safe work method statements are produced and available at the commencement of works.

Job safety analysis report.

Material safety data sheets concerning any goods provided.

Relevant pictures before and after the completion of the job.


Describe the innovative ideas your business has devised and implemented over the last 12 months.

As a company we have implemented on some innovative ideas to we have embarked on to improve our service delivery they are following:


  • We embark on a goal to expand our services all over Australia: In intend on doing this through improving Maintenance Management by using a web-based software platform, your residents/companies can submit maintenance requests. Those requests flow directly to the maintenance and get triggered in the order of importance. Throughout the process, your residents can view the status of the ticket, from receipt to completion. Key details like access instructions can be included in the service request. The innovation will help us increase our customers and ease our service delivery process.


  • We embarked on starting building apartments and houses: Order than property management and maintenance; we have back on the goal to begin building our resident’s homes and apartments; these apartments will be maintained and managed by us.


  • We recently reduced our plumbing and electrical rates for the people affected by COVID as a good gesture.

The pandemic highlighted how events (pandemic, election, technology) could change the course of business and investment.  Apartment owners and landlords were hit hard, and the recovery and return to high vacancy might take some time still.


Explain how you contribute to the training of your staff, not only in your area of expertise but also to equip them better to understand and work with strata properties.

Simply Better Services (SBS) employs highly skilled and fully licensed professionals who provide high-quality workmanship.

Simply Better Services (SBS )  is structured so that every employee is actively involved in the organization’s growth.


On staff training

  • We ensure that our entire staff will know how to comply with laws and regulations. Local, state, and federal governing authorities are continually changing regulations and modifying standards in the housing industry. As such, it’s to train our regular employees to stay current with the latest rules to ensure we don’t incur fines or other penalties for noncompliance.
  • Our maintenance team is regularly trained on how to handle daily tasks to the best of their ability. Maintenance tasks are among the most financially controllable, yet if they are not effectively performed, they can lead to unnecessary expenses that add up to a considerable amount over time. Maintenance training is done regularly to staff with the knowledge of how to carry out maintenance solutions that are financially responsible and effectively performed.
  • Our staff is trained to know how to handle HR-related tasks and incidents effectively. HR incidents can be the most costly for any business, especially when they lead to litigation and arbitration. An HR training class will give our office employees full knowledge of what is expected and acceptable in the workplace and how to comply with HR laws and best practices.


Describe how you encourage ethical behavior within your business.

We have put in place the following measures.

  • We embed good ethical practice into organizational culture

We have clearly stated our organization’s ethical codes incorporate objectives, and sharing them as policies clarifies expectations and facilitate ethical behavior throughout the organization.

  • Our Management leads by example

Managers are considered role models for our employees, and we ensure to set an example of honesty and openness.

  • Effective communication

We encourage effective and open communication throughout our organization, so our team feels they can trust and report unethical practices to their managers without fearing negative repercussions.

  • Effective whistles blowing process

Whistleblowing is a useful source of information about unethical practices in an organization. We have ensured the process is non-threatening and straightforward to encourage the flow of information, with both formal and informal pathways for reporting.


  • Policies and auditing

Internal audit and management review have a big role in creating and maintaining an ethical culture. SBA has a clear ethical policy that states its framework of ethical values and internal audits can be used to review working practices and make sure these values are being adhered to. We have also backed this up with relevant training and raising awareness.



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