Restarting HVAC systems post shut-down: minimise the risks to keep people safe

Air Con HVAC engineer repairing a unit in an office

After 100 days under lockdown, Melbourne is finally celebrating its 28th days without COVID with cafes, restaurants, bars and offices being open for a few weeks. Now more than ever, the need for cleanliness is understood. While thorough cleaning measures have been undertaken for workspaces and residential properties, HVAC systems are often overlooked. HVAC systems that have been temporarily shut down can carry significant risks to the health and safety of tenants, owners and workers who enter a building if they have not been maintained and inspected in accordance with relevant regulations and standards prior to restarting. 

Proper maintenance of your building’s heating, cooling and ventilation system is an essential part of commercial and office building management. Not just for longevity and efficiency of the system, but the safety of the building occupants. 

The Risks Of Skipping HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems provide the perfect breeding ground for mould, allergens and bacteria. During periods of shut-down, the concealed pipes can pool water, experience dust build-up, corrosion and more. One of the biggest risks of skipping maintenance is legionnaires disease, along with COVID-19 contamination. Both of which can cause lung damage and are potentially fatal. 

Safe Work Australia considers unmaintained HVAC systems as posing considerable risk to workers. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic where systems have been left idle for weeks on end or missed regular maintenance. Restarting without proper cleaning and inspection as determined by relevant regulations is strongly advised against. 

The Experts In HVAC Systems

We don’t just service and maintain HVAC systems, we can also arrange the installation, supply and diagnosis/fault finding in commercial and office building environments. Meaning you do not need to waste valuable time dealing with multiple trades. Having Simply Better Services (SBS) handle every aspect of your HVAC throughout its lifespan, assures you of a safe and functional system. Don’t wait until damage has been done, or illness is spread to service your HVAC. Setting up a regular maintenance schedule avoids issues and saves you time and money in the long run.  

Why Choose Us?

At SBS we have over 20 years of experience in the facilities management industry. During this time we have formed valuable relationships with reliable experts across all trades. We co-ordinate all aspects of repairs and maintenance to take the stress out of the process. We pride ourselves on our rapid response time and quality work – our repeat clientele and testimonials attest to this. All our tradesmen are fully licensed and highly skilled meaning you can trust us to ensure every job is done right. The first time, every time. 

Don’t let your building become a new hotspot or place your workers at risk. Contact us today on 9854 6289 to arrange an inspection and maintenance.


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