Property Maintenance vs. Property Management

There are many challenges and complexities associated with owning rental property.  Many landlords hire property management companies to do such tasks as finding quality tenants, collecting rent, and scheduling maintenance.

Despite the appearance of similarity, property management and property maintenance are different things.

Despite their differences, these entities work closely together to manage your property effectively.

Property management in Melbourne handles evictions, rent collection, tenant screening, and repairs. If one of these tasks is mismanaged even slightly, you may suffer a severe loss.

SBS Australia has great property management experience in Melbourne and suburbs nearby, as you can see at sbshaustralia.com. 

So let’s look at the important differences between property management and property maintenance if you own a property.

Several details differentiate property management from property maintenance. Both terms are synonyms and seem to mean the same thing, but they mean different things to us. Here is how:

●      Property maintenance

The process of maintaining a building involves cleaning, safety checks, and repairs called property maintenance.

In turn, implementing these practices improves the reputation of a company by increasing tenant and guest satisfaction. Consequently, tenants and visitors return for repeat business thanks to the finer reputation.

Maintaining properties can be performed by routine, but most of it is reactive. Cleaning and replacing HVAC filters are among the routine maintenance procedures.

●      Property management

A reactive maintenance program includes getting rid of drain clogs, replacing broken appliances, and repairing flooding.

Repairs and renovations are part of property management. Property managers are typically on hand to respond to emergencies when they arise. To solve the problem as quickly as possible, tasks are then distributed based on the problem.

Companies and landlords who own and manage buildings typically employ a property manager to collect rents, pay bills, and ensure tax, insurance, and health and safety requirements are met. Property management companies use contractors to fix the houses they maintain.

Property management companies manage your rental property. Their approach to operating, controlling, and overseeing your investment is different from traditional strategies.

Your rental property will become more efficient and can generate positive cash flow by doing these tasks.

What is Simply Better Services Australia (SBS)?

Facility management has been a part of Simply Better Services Australia’s history for over 20 years. With a single point of contact, we can take care of all your property needs.

In addition to cleaning services for commercial and industrial properties, building maintenance services, and renovation projects for owners corporation and residential and commercial property owners, we also offer comprehensive property management in Melbourne.

Maintenance and repair crews are usually on hand at property management companies to handle minor repairs.

Property managers are responsible for sending out the repair crew if a tenant requests one. Property managers might hire contractors to do maintenance work instead of having a dedicated team.

What is property maintenance in Melbourne?

Maintaining the condition of your rental property in Melbourne can be contracted through a property maintenance service. In particular, this is useful if you can’t handle property maintenance yourself for some reason.

Your rental property will be maintained by property maintenance in Melbourne while people lease it. Property maintenance companies offer many benefits, such as:

  • Cleaning of your rental property
  • Facility management
  • Emergency Plumbing and electrical
  • New Build, Renovations & Fit-Outs
  • Caretaking & Building Management Services

Final Words

Do you require a property management company like SBS Australia in Melbourne? We can assist you with your property maintenance needs, so contact us today to find out how we can help.

In that case, SBS property management in Melbourne is the best option for you if you want help with your rental property.

As well as providing you with maintenance, property management companies handle everything else for you.


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