Property Maintenance for Aged Care Facility

If you are managing an aged care facility, you will need to pay special attention towards property maintenance. By keeping your aged care facility in top-notch condition, you will be able to ensure the wellbeing of seniors who are spending their time on it. This is why we thought of sharing some useful tips about property maintenance for aged care facility with you. You may take a look at these tips and figure out how to keep all the senior residents healthy and happy.

– Cleaning the Gutter

Who knew that the leaves that accumulate around aged care facility each autumn would also accumulate in a gutter. Every year, you may find leaves and autumn foliage almost everywhere, from a aged care facility’s front door to a gutter’s outflow. Additionally, when the leaves begin to fall, gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris. Drainage concerns may occur at this time!

When it comes time for their yearly gutter cleaning, people who manage aged care facilities realize the value of clean gutters always are ready to grab the ladder or hire a professional.

– Drywall and Paint Repairs

Aged care facilities often need painting and drywall services due to nail pops, water damage, cracks, or the unsightly yellow bathroom in a house. Most people soon come to the realization that mudding and fixing drywall is more difficult than the cameras makes it seem! The same holds true for aged care facility owners who want to paint the kitchen. They won’t be long until they wish they had phoned someone!

– Landscaping

It won’t take long for spending a Saturday doing yard work to become a little boring, much like cleaning or painting. Every major metropolitan region is littered with several landscaping businesses that provide services can range from weekly lawn maintenance to comprehensive landscape architectural projects.

– Siding repairs

Is it challenging to replace a single siding piece? Why? That is true since siding is interlocked and put piece by piece. This is the main reason why aged care facility managers often notice more than one missing component! A skilled siding installation firm should normally handle siding repairs since they are not an easy task for a person to do. Aged care facilities often request exterior service because they understand how important their siding is.

– Cracked concrete

Maybe you’ve seen some broken concrete inside a driveway, on a sidewalk, or even worse… on a house’s foundation. Whatever the cause of the concrete’s cracking may be, one thing is for sure: in most circumstances, the fissure will widen.

Cracked concrete may be caused by a number of causes, and depending on where it is located, it may or may not need immediate repair. However, the majority of aged care facility owners don’t know how to fix concrete cracks, therefore they usually call on this one!

– Roofing repairs

A lost shingle may result in several missing shingles in only a few windstorms, much as how one missing piece of siding can quickly become twenty. Roof repairs are frequent service calls made by senior care facility owners, even though the majority of new roofs come with manufacturer and install warranties, dependent on the kind of shingle or the age of the roof.

When one or two shingles go, it is usually noticeable by the uncovered plywood. There are times, however, when senior care facility managers may not always notice missing shingles. If you do, be certain to have a roof repair right away!

Final words

Make sure that you always get the help of an expert for senior care facility maintenance. Then you will be able to maintain it in perfect shape and condition at all times.

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