Property Maintenance in Aged Care Facility

Aged care facilities play a major role behind taking care of our loved seniors. Hence, the aged care facilities should be in perfect condition at all times. If you are managing an aged care facility, it is quite essential to pay your attention towards property maintenance.

Why is property maintenance important for aged care facilities?

Your elderly care facility’s primary concern is always the residents’ safety. To make sure neither of the facilities at the property put your inhabitants in risk, schedule maintenance. Legionella is a relatively prevalent risk that you may not be aware of. Legionella is very dangerous to the health of patients in nursing homes, as we said in our blog article on it, and the hot water facilities really encourage its growth. Other elderly care facilities have used planned maintenance using ACE+ to help lower the risks of Legionella and other dangers to their seniors.

One of the major benefits of scheduled maintenance is it might assist identify faults and problems before they need expensive repairs. For instance, if guttering becomes clogged and isn’t replaced right away, major structural damage may occur from water seepage. Our scheduled maintenance crews are aware of the warning signs to look for to assist lower the likelihood of these occurrences. In addition, our staff may arrange for an expedient repair if they discover a problem in another area of your property while doing other scheduled maintenance.

What is included in property maintenance for aged care facilities?

Now you have a good idea about the importance of going ahead with property maintenance for aged care facilities. While keeping that in mind, let’s see what you will usually be able to get out of a property maintenance service. Then you can simply go ahead and sign a contract, so that you can receive the services accordingly.

– Exterior upkeep

The term grounds maintenance, which sometimes refers to outside property care, includes cleaning roof gutters, drains, and the exterior of buildings. In addition, it covers repairs, snow removal from shared spaces, landscaping, and gardening. You can deliver a perfect impression to anyone by upkeeping the exteriors of your aged care facility.

– It can help you with pest management

In addition to proactive upkeep, property management often involves pest and rodent control along with eradication. Pests are responsible for the spread of numerous illnesses. If you want to keep the seniors safe from such frustrating health conditions, you will need to pay special attention towards property maintenance.

– Cleaning all public spaces

There are numerous public spaces where the seniors love to spend their time. You can get a property maintenance service to clean them up as well. This covers maintenance (repairs and cleaning) of common spaces including stairways, corridors, and mail rooms for people who own multi-unit homes.

– Garbage collection and recycling

Predictive maintenance in pest control includes the sorting and disposal of waste and recycling. Due to their expertise in local administration and collection rules, professional property managers may help you avoid paying exorbitant municipal garbage collection costs.

– Interior upkeep

This entails maintaining all units’ plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems in good operating condition, as well as promptly performing repairs when they become necessary.

– Security checks

Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors are maintained and checked as part of safety assessments. Additionally, they encompass routine safety checks of the building and grounds as well as proactive inspections of the mechanical and electrical systems.

Now you know about the importance of aged care facility maintenance and why you should work with an expert services provider for it. Pay attention to these tips and you can create the best living conditions for all seniors.

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