NDIS And Cleaning: What’s The Connection?

NDIS And Cleaning: What's The Connection?

NDIS cleaning, NDIS gardening, or any other aspect of NDIS upkeep could interest you. We’re often asked about how to obtain these three services paid for under the NDIS. Let’s take a deeper look at how it all works now.

Gardening, Cleaning, And House Upkeep Can The NDIS Help With?

Yes, in a nutshell. Cleaning, gardening, and maintenance may be funded by the NDIS, but only if they are connected to your disability and fulfill the reasonable and necessary requirements. A gardener may be hired using NDIS money if you are unable to mow the grass due to your handicap.

It may be difficult to determine what is appropriate and required when it comes to NDIS cleaning, gardening, and upkeep. For those who live in a shared home or at home with their parents, the NDIS will reimburse the expense of a housekeeper, but only for the cleaning of the individual’s room. The NDIS doesn’t think it’s acceptable or essential to cover the whole home since other inhabitants can clean the rest of it.

An electrician to rewire a socket or a plumber to replace water pipes, for example, will not be covered by the NDIS as a general rule for anybody (even those without disabilities).

How Does It Fit Within My NDIS Budget?

Among the support categories included in the NDIS are tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and house maintenance (Assistance with Daily Living). Getting assistance in the home or garden is possible with Core Support, so long as you have money set up for it in your plan’s Core budget.

Employing a Support Worker to help you with the tasks that you’re unable to do is an additional choice. Personal domestic activities are included under the umbrella term “Assistance with Daily Living Support.”

Service Providers Providing Cleaning For The NDIS

Owners corporations, strata management firms, commercial real estate businesses, and other types of organizations in Melbourne may all turn to SBS Australia for a variety of facilities management services. As a company with more than 20 years of expertise in the field, we have acquired exceptional project management and quality assurance procedures.

Basic home cleaning jobs are available from service providers, including but not limited to the following:

  • Vacuuming and mopping hard
  • Dusting
  • Home organization
  • House and bathroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen surfaces
  • Washing, folding, and ironing
  • Garage cleaning
  • Fridge; oven cleaning
  • many others.

Is There Anything More I Need To Do Before Appointing Someone?

Make the process as easy as possible for you and the service provider by following these simple steps when you’re ready to get started.

  • Begin the process by setting an hourly fee with your service provider. The NDIS employs this method, so you and your provider will need to come to an agreement on how much this will cost before the work begins. NDIS doesn’t pay for anything outside of the hourly rate, thus any additional expenditures must be included in the hourly fee.
  • It is important to set up an agreement for the provision of service, which is simply a written contract outlining the services to be provided and the reasons for doing so, as well as the associated costs. A service agreement is usually a good idea when working with a service provider.
  • A guide for gardeners, cleaners, and handymen on how to invoice appropriately so the NDIS can pay them has been created since the NDIS may be difficult for small companies to navigate.
  • Providers that aren’t NDIS-registered, such as cleaners, gardeners, and handymen, must nevertheless have a valid ABN in order to process claims for their services.

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