Our Projects


  • Demo saw cut and dig a new trench into existing driveway.
  • Trench measurements: Approx. 22m L x (0.3m – 0.4 m) W x 0.6 m D
  • Install new mains.
  • Back fill solid rushed rock and soil.
  • Reinstate the concrete works in driveway.
  • Apply 100mm thick concrete 25 MPA.
  • Install Dowel bars as required.
  • Remove all work-related rubbish from the site.
  • Clean and tidy site.
  • Labour and materials included.

Upgrading the new meter panel with earthing system

  • Remove existing meter box panel.
  • Install public lights on plinth (currently wall mounted) as required.
  • Install new pe cell to public lights.
  • Install safety switches to public circuits.
  • 22 prescribed certificates of electrical safety provided and included.
  • 22 inspections from independent inspector provided and included.

Leaking balconies repairs and re-tiling

Do any of the properties you manage have leaking balconies?

If left untended, a leaking balcony can lead to major damage to your property. SBS Australia has expertise in repairing leaking balconies across Melbourne. Our team of professional waterproofing and tiling contractors always ensure the balconies are waterproofed to Australian Standards AS3740.

Painting, plastering and rendering projects

Some property rejuvenation works on Murphy St in Melbourne. It’s amazing how re-staining all the woodwork gave this property a fresher look.

Graffiti Removal

We’re offering a professional, responsive and effective graffiti removal service using environmentally friendly techniques. We can remove graffiti from stone and brickwork, painted surfaces, glass windows, shutters and cladding, concrete, tarmac, glass and signage without causing damage or leaving ghosting.

Gutters, storm water drains and downpipes cleaning

Keeping gutters, downpipes and stormwater drains cleared of dirt, debris and fallen leaves regularly prevents blockages in drainage pipes within your property and minimises flooding. We’re offering both preventative and emergency stormwater system cleaning services all over Melbourne.

Roof damage prevention

Untreated roof damage can deteriorate at a fast pace and cause serious problems that will cost you more time and money. Planned, preventative building maintenance is a service we actively promote. 

Our maintenance teams are fully trained and insured to provide the following services:

  • Roof inspections
  • Roof repair
  • Roof restoration
  • Brand new roofing installations

Repairs and painting of concrete Lintels

For this property in Brunswick, we repaired the existing damaged concrete lintels above the windows and painted the lintels as required.

Reinstatement works

We offer reinstatement works for residential and commercial properties in the event of water leaks, loss or malicious damage to a property being suffered. 

Gardening and Landscaping

Common area maintenance in Roxburgh Park, one of the properties Simply Better Services provides caretaking services for.

Pest Control Services

If you notice pests in your building or workplace or suspect a nest or infestation in its earliest stages, you cannot be too careful. Our team of pest control experts will:
* Provide you with a quote on our pest control services
* Inspect the pest infestation or nest
* Remove the pest infestation or nest in its entirety
* Professionally clean and treat the area to avoid re-infestation
* Strictly complete our service in adherence to OH&S standards
* Inform and advise you of what action to take in response to pest control enquiries.

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