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  Recruitment & Deployment
We recruit the adequate number of workmen and ensure that their profile matches with the job description as provided to us. All the workmen undergo training at the location as per approved Training Module. The candidates are be put on trial for few days and inducted thereafter, if found satisfactory.
  The Supervisory Staff is selected from those having Hotel / Hospital Industry background. The Supervisory staff will be young and energetic and capable of meeting the demands of the Client.
The number of workmen to be deployed & deployment plan is discussed with Management.
  All the workers before deployment undergo training at our Training Center and in addition to the TECHNICAL/PROCESS. Training The key areas of training for unskilled/Skilled staff are as under:
  Basic Etiquette of Services
  Greeting the Staff/Guest
  Communication with Colleagues, guest and Seniors
  Punctuality & Discipline
  Situation Handling
  Co-ordination with other Departments