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  Domestic Cleaning
  Welcome to SBS Domestic Cleaning, where we specialize in keeping your home in the very best condition.
  We pride ourselves of being able to provide a personal DOMESTIC CLEANING service tailored to the exact needs of each individual client.
Our DOMESTIC CLEANING service includes:
Full insurance cover of your property.
Reasonable and all inclusive hourly rate.
Same DOMESTIC CLEANER each time. Trained and uniformed.
Immediate cleaner replacement in case of sickness, holidays etc.
The flexibility of monthly invoicing.
Friendly and helpful customer service.
Our services are 100% guaranteed & if at any time you are not satisfied with the quality of clean, we'll inspect it and fix it without any extra charge
All our cleaning services are flexible to suit your requirements and each regular clean will be carried out by the same dedicated cleaner each week.
All our cleaners are checked and referenced and you will have the opportunity to meet the selected cleaner at your home to specify your requirements and to make sure your happy with the selected cleaner.
Aside from general cleaning, all our crew is trained to do any household chores like laundry, ironing, organizing cupboards, cleaning fridge, vacuuming and cleaning your car and one-off requirements by arrangement
All our cleaners are Mature, reliable, trustworthy cleaners
All our cleaners are friendly with dogs and cats
Impeccable service
In house training provided to all the cleaners
Regular supervision by the area supervisor to ensure everything is running smooth.
All our cleaners are trained to do the following household chores :
Ironing & Laundry
General Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning & Sanitising
Window Cleaning
Cleaning Fridge/Oven/Microwave/Drawers
Our domestic cleaning service available 7 days a week, means that you can spend quality time with loved ones safe in the knowledge that your household chores are being carried out to impeccably high standards.
We know that every person has different needs; as such we aim to pair each of our clients with a cleaner who matches expectation.